Ivoclar Vivadent


Prevention / Care

Professional solutions to offer your patients of all ages a customized oral health management

Healthy teeth should stay healthy. Restored teeth and reconstructed teeth should receive the care they need. A coordinated product range composed of strong individual products enables you to offer an individualized oral health management.

Tooth Whitening

Professional solutions for individual needs


Quick to work. Long term relief.

Fissure sealing

Light-curing resin based fissure sealants


Superior protection against dental caries & erosion

Caries risk

Integrated solutions for oral health management

Bacteria control

Professional bacterial control in patients with high caries risk

Professional tooth cleaning and polishing

Prophy pastes with defined RDA values

Tooth jewellery

Crystal glass ornaments


Pediatric Dental Solutions

Ortho Care_teaser

Ortho Care

Oral Health Management during and after orthodontic treatment

Oral B

Preventative oral care products