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  IPS Empress IPS e.max

IPS Empress

IPS e.max

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Material Leucite Glass Lithium Disilicate, Zirconia
Flexural Strength 160 Mpa 360-1,000 Mpa
Fabrication Process Press or CAD/CAM Press or CAD/CAM
Shading System A-D, Chromascop A-D
Translucencies Various 6
Full Contour
Cut-Back & Layer
Layering Ceramic IPS Empress Esthetic Veneer IPS e.max Ceram
IPS e.max ZirPress
Press Ingot IPS Empress Esthetic IPS e.max Press
CAD/CAM Blocks IPS Empress CAD IPS e.max CAD
Zirconia Blocks   IPS e.max ZirCAD
Abutment Material   IPS e.max Press Abutment
Multi-Layer Material   IPS e.max Press Multi
Shade Pastes IPS Empress Universal IPS e.max Ceram Shades


Anterior Crowns
Posterior Crowns  
Anterior Bridges  
Posterior Bridges  
Thin Veneers
Occlusal Veneers  
Implant Restorations  
Implant Abutments  
*excluding consumables