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    BlueLine DCL A-D

    BlueLine DCL – Premium

    Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth have always been known for superior aesthetics. The secret lies in the natural layering. Since natural teeth have different dentin and incisal layers, BlueLine denture teeth reproduce these layers for natural aesthetics. Designed for any removable or implant restoration, BlueLine denture teeth easily blend next to natural teeth in partial denture cases, or give the complete denture wearer a beautifully natural and aesthetic appearance.

    • Complete, Partial, Implant
    • Double Cross Linked (DCL)
    • Exclusive Layering Process
    • Increased Wear Resistance
    • Natural Aesthetics
    • 42 Maxillary Anterior Moulds
    • 8 Mandibular Anterior Moulds
    • 4 Occlusal Schemes:
    • 33° Anatomic
    • 22° Semi-Anatomic
    • 15° Lingualised
    • 0° Monoplane
    • 16 A-D and 4 Bleach Shades
    • 10 year Warranty