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    Dürr System Hygiene

    Peace of mind through simplicity

    The premium products in the Durr system hygiene range facilitate daily hygiene measures and enable easy handling and safe and logical use at all times. Over the course of the last 25 years, Durr system hygiene has been continuously optimised. In addition, further useful products have been added to the range. All of the products in the range have proven their effectiveness in numerous tests and during everyday use in dental surgeries

    ▪ Wide range of effectiveness: Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal
    ▪ Proven and reliable effect
    ▪ VAH/DGHM-certified and EN – compliant without exception
    ▪ High disinfection and cleaning power

    ▪ Easy to use and effective
    ▪ Handy and uniform packaging
    ▪ Enables cleaning according to plan
    ▪ Dosing in caps
    ▪ Highly economical to use

    ▪ Sophisticated active ingredients: No aldehydes, halogens, or phenols
    ▪ Really kind to the skin
    ▪ High material compatibility, recommended by leading equipment manufacturers
    ▪ Clinically tested

    ▪ Quick-acting
    ▪ Rapid residue-free drying
    ▪ Convenient application
    ▪ Simple dosing