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    Fluor Protector / Fluor Protector S

    Protective Fluoride Varnish

    Fluor Protector

    Fluor Protector is a protective varnish with fluoride.

    Because of its properties the varnish spreads easily and readily flows into complex surface structures. It dries quickly and shows excellent adhesion to teeth. Many years of clinical experience and numerous international studies confirm the effectiveness of Fluor Protector. Fluor Protector is suitable for treating children, adolescents and adults. Given its fluoride content, it is even suitable for treating pre-schoolers.

    The protective action of Fluor Protector is based on the following factors: inhibition of demineralisation, stimulation of remineralisation, incorporation of fluoride into the lower layers of enamel, repair of initial caries lesions.


    • Hypersensitivity: Defence against external stimuli in exposed cervicals
    • Superior protection against caries and erosion


    • Fluoride concentration of 0.1%
    • Improved treatment of hard-to-reach problem areas
    • Clear, colourless, fast-drying varnish

    Benefits for the practice team

    • Targeted professional application
    • Early prevention measure
    • Highly aesthetic results


    Fluor Protector S

    The protective fluoride varnish provides superior protection against dental caries and erosion.

    The innovative varnish system of Fluor Protector S featuring a homogeneously dissolved fluoride source ensures immediate availability of the fluoride. The entire dose of fluoride contained in Fluor Protector S is available in a very short time. As a result, dental enamel is directly and effectively supplied with fluoride. The low viscosity of the varnish is responsible for its optimum flow and wetting properties.


    • Treatment of hypersensitive cervicals
    • Improvement of enamel resistance against acid
    • Long-term caries prophylaxis
    • Treatment of possible sensitivity after tooth whitening


    • 7700 ppm fluoride in a homogeneous solution; approx. four-times higher concentration after setting
    • Mild flavour, mild smell
    • Multi-dose and single-dose units

    Benefits for the practice team

    • Immediately ready for use, instant fluoride availability
    • Controlled, dosed topical fluoride application
    • Recommended for children and sensitive patients