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Artistry at its finest

IPS d.SIGN Natural Beauty provides purely natural aesthetics for the true artist. The fluorapatite leucite glass-ceramic features true-to-nature properties ranging from the light optical features to the enamel-like abrasion behavior. This beautifully balanced line of IPS d.SIGN provides numerous design opportunities and virtually endless versatility.

Ivoclar Vivadent offers a comprehensive restorative concept that consists of the following components:

  • IPS d.SIGN veneering ceramic
  • The IPS d.SIGN alloy package specifically designed for metal-ceramics - It offers a wide range of gold, reduced-gold and base metal alloys
  • Programat® brand Ceramic furnaces
  • Multilink Automix and conventional cementation systems


  • High translucency balanced withthorough masking of the metal framework due to light scattering which provides the best of both worlds
  • Natural harmony between chroma and brightness closely replicating real teeth
  • Firing stability and stability of shade even after several firing cycles
  • High surface quality and higher antagonist friendliness than other ceramic materials