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Renfert die:master

Systematic die preparation

The die:master system provides you with perfect die preparation as a working basis for conventional and all-ceramic restorations.

die:master set
Fast and clear access to all system components due to the set stand.

  • A high degree of working comfort due to the integrated isolating brush with magnetic fixture
  • Integrated, practical die holder in the stand.

die:master duo
Stone hardener and sealant
In-depth hardness and high edge-strength due to powerfully cross-linked die stone structure.

  • Maximum bond strength due to chemical bond to die spacer layer
  • 100% dimensionally-stable die due to 0µm layer thickness

die:master grey, red, blue, silver, gold varnishes
Durable die varnishes with three layer thicknesses

(13, 15 and 20 μm).

  • Extremely resistant to steam and scratches due to a highly cross-linked varnish structure
  • Maximum bond between varnish and hardener due to the primer technology
  • No pools of varnish on the brush or die and a high level of edge stability due to extremely thixotropic flowing characteristics

die:master thinner
For dilution and modification of the die:master varnishes.

  • Permanent preservation of layer thickness and varnish quality
  • Controlled viscosity adjustment due to accurate droplet dosing

picosep Wax Isolation
Solvent-free, silicone-based plaster against wax isolation.

  • No corrosion of varnishes and waxes due to specific coordination of isolating agent with the die:master components.
  • No evaporation of the isolating agent due to alcohol-free formula

die:master ivory & die:master aqua
Tooth coloured and removable die varnishes specially for all-ceramic restorations, such as press ceramics made from lithium disilicate (LS2).

die:master ivory – All-ceramic (A2/B2)
Extremely resistant tooth-coloured die varnish.

  • Highly aesthetical effect and no colour irritation during the production process due to harmonious colour coordination
  • Minimal dimensional increase of only 10 μm per coat
  • Extremely high vapour and scratch resistance due to a highly cross-linked varnish structure

die:master aqua – Press ceramic (A1/B1)
Resistant die varnish during the wax-up but also easy to wash off with water.

  • Easy handling due to high opacity
  • Optimal expansion compensation with a layer thickness of 10 μm per coat of varnish

For more information on Renfert die:master, visit or contact us on 1300 486 252.