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    SR Ivocron

    SR Ivocron is a high-quality PMMA veneering material for the crown and bridge technique as well as for temporaries. The material is shaded according to the 20 shades of the Chromascop shade guide and features a true-to-nature shade effect.

    SR Ivocron is based on long-term clinical experience and can be used for multiple indications. The individual choice of the working technique enables the fabrication of true-to-nature composite veneers (Hot/Press Technique) as well as the fabrication of long-term temporaries and the cementation of denture teeth (Cold Technique).

    The combination of the SR Link bonding system and the SR Ivocron veneering material from Ivoclar Vivadent is optimally suited for durable, high-quality veneers.

    SR Ivocron is ideally coordinated with the following Ivoclar Vivadent products: SR Adoro, IPS d.SIGN, IPS InLine, IPS Empress System, SR Chromasit, SR Spectrasit or SR Antaris DCL / SR Postaris DCL. Even the combination with SR Vivodent, SR Vivodent PE, SR Orthotyp and SR Orthotyp PE is possible with the separately available cervical materials.


    • Long-term clinical experience
    • Three different polymerisation techniques
    • Small, compact assortment
    • Universal range of indications

    IndicationsCold Technique (pouring technique)

    • Short- and medium-term temporaries
    • Cementation of ground denture teeth on model cast frameworks
    • Repairs

    Hot Technique (layering technique)

    • Crown and bridge veneering technique

    Press Technique (flasking technique)

    • Crown and bridge veneering technique