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SR Phonares II

SR Phonares II – Master Class

Precision crafted with nano hybrid composite, Phonares II represents the next generation of denture teeth offering a unique blend of unrivaled beauty and unparalleled performance. The maxillary anterior moulds were designed by making logical variations of these principles of tooth morphology in order to express individual patient characteristics (soft & bold) and age (youthful, universal, mature).

  • Complete, partial, implant
  • Nano hybrid composite (NHC)
  • 4 Layer 360° processing
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Lifelike aesthetics
  • Seamless processing
  • High luster appearance
  • Highly characterised facial
  • 18 Maxillary anterior moulds
  • 6 Mandibular anterior moulds
  • Youthful, universal, mature moulds
  • 2 Occlusal schemes: 22° Semi-anatomic and 15° lingualised
  • 16 A-D and 4 Bleach shades
  • Total satisfaction guaranteed