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    Turbines & Handpieces

    W&H turbines, straight and contra-angle handpieces provide high-end technology for excellent preparation results.

    Synea Turbines
    High-end technology for excellent preparation results
    Both of the Synea dental turbine lines are characterised by high performance, optimal ergonomics and outstanding value for money. Synea Vision is symbolic of innovations such as the sterilisable 5x Ring LED+ and Synea Fusion promises top quality combined with unbeatable cost-efficiency.

    Alegra Turbine handpieces
    Reliable, efficient and precise
    Alegra dental turbine handpieces from W&H are reliable partners for daily use in your dental practice. Experience maximum efficiency during use combined with maximum safety: for you and your patients.

    Synea Straight & Contra-angle Handpieces
    To make it easier to select one of the W&H new Synea straight and contra-angle handpieces, W&H have now developed two new lines perfectly suited to your needs.

    Synea Vision: now with innovations such as special scratch-resistant coating.
    Synea Fusion: a series with top quality and maximum economy

    Alegra Straight and Contra-angle Handpieces
    Durable, compact and precise
    With Alegra dental straight and contra-angle handpieces from W&H the treatment of your patient is very efficient and extremely safe.

    For more information on W&H Handpieces, visit or contact us on 1300 486 252.