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    DIY Aligners, Software & Workflow Coaching

    Date and Location
    23 Aug 2019
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM  
    Melbourne, TBC
    Melbourne, VIC TBC

    AUD  1500.00 +GST
    6.5 CPD
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    THE NEW FRONTIER IS FINALLY HERE! Recent advances in technology have allowed dentists to produce aligners in their own clinics efficiently and effectively, whilst also increasing patient treatment options and practice profitability. AORTA and Ivoclar Vivadent have teamed up to create a training program that will guide you through this new technology and teaches you all you need to get started the next day!

    The morning will start by learning the principles of case selection, treatment planning as well as DIY equipment selection. We will then go through a step-by-step demonstration on a DIY aligner case from start to finish (production). Once this is done, there is an extended interactive hands-on session where delegates will be given 20 clear aligner cases and individually assessed on how they manipulate the software to achieve a successful and predictable outcome.

    The group class is limited to 10 people to ensure all delegates will receive one-on-one coaching during this session. The day will end with implementation tips and tricks ranging from how to advertise and communicate DIY aligners to patients as well as how to train support staff to ensure you can create an efficient systemised approach.

    To ensure this course is truly beneficial, it is recommended that attendees have already completed great than twenty clear aligner cases.


    Lecture: Principles of aesthetic orthodontics

    Lecture: Equipment used in DIY aligners

    Tea Break

    Interactive: Software coaching, part 1

    Interactive: Software coaching, part 2

    Lunch Break

    Interactive: Software coaching, part 3

    Lecture: Practice integration

    Tea Break

    Interactive: Patient communication on clear aligners



    Learning Objectives

    By the end of this course participants are expected to:

    • Understand principles of facial aesthetics

    • Be able to assess case complexity according to SAC guidelines

    • Understand what equipment is needed to begin using DIY aligners

    • Utilise third party software to plan orthodontic movement

    • Understand how to assess the software on predictability of movement

    • Understand what hazards can negatively affect treatment outcomes and how to overcome these hazards

    • Understand patient communication around DIY aligners (including first insert and final visit)

    • Know how to train their staff to systemise clear aligners in their clinic

    • Understand how to Implement DIY aligners into their clinic


    Pat Mehta
    Phone: 0397959599