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    Functional and aesthetic direct and indirect restorations - from practice for practice

    Date and Location
    23 Jul 2019
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM  
    ICDE Brisbane
    Unit 3, 53 Southgate Avenue, Cannon Hill
    Brisbane, QLD 4170

    AUD  395.00 +GST
    6.5 hours CPD
    Prices exclude GST

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    The programme for the day consists of four presentations, each 90 minutes on following important clinical aspects of everyday Dentistry. It will cover numerous clinical cases from the initial situation to the final outcome including treatment planning and discussions about possible alternative treatment options.

    ·         No limits - the world of direct restorations

    ·         Esthetic Solutions with the e.-max-system - from single tooth restorations to full mouth rehabilitation

    ·         Removable dentures (soft tissue; tooth- or implant supported)

    ·         Trouble shooting with fixed and removable restorations


    Topic 1: No limits! - The world of direct restorations


    Successful dentistry focuses on caries prevention. If preventive measures fail, caries lesions may develop. A successful way of restoring such lesions are minimally invasive, direct restorations.


    Modern restorative dentistry would be unthinkable without established and innovative techniques. The adhesive technique is the method of choice to restore both small and large defects. This technique is suitable for a wide array of application options and allows the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure to be preserved. At the same time, it helps stabilizing the remaining tooth structure.


    In this session, we will discuss the individual application steps in detail, which are essential to integrate and successfully use the presented restorative techniques in the daily practice routine.


    Topic 2: Esthetic solutions with the IPS e.max system - from single-tooth restorations to full-mouth rehabilitation


    In order to provide esthetic and functional rehabilitation to patients with difficult and complex dental care needs, both a clearly structured dental treatment plan and a state-of-the art, multifunctional all-ceramic system is required. This practical oriented lecture will focus on the important advantages of all-ceramic materials in the fabrication of predictable and highly esthetic restorations and thus the delivery of targeted care. Both, simple standard cases and very difficult, complex cases can be resolved using the IPS e.max all-ceramic system in combination with the adhesive technique. The standardized esthetic treatment protocol will be the red thread running through this lecture. The protocol will be presented in detail by means of various clinical cases.


    Topic 3: Removable dentures (soft tissue; tooth- or implant supported)


    Today, the desire for perfect esthetics is stronger than ever before in our society. A perfect smile is a key factor. Bright, radiant teeth with dynamic shapes reflect youth and health, especially in the elderly.


    In this context, the skills of dentists and dental technicians play a major role. In the past, many restorations failed from an esthetic point of view because of the suboptimal materials available to replace white and, in particular, pink esthetics. Today, however, it is possible to achieve predictable and beautiful treatment results even in difficult clinical situations thanks to the new, highly esthetic and at the same time very long-lasting materials in combination with advanced methods and techniques.

    We will have a look at concepts for the esthetic rehabilitation of both partially and completely edentulous patients using combination prostheses. Detailed work instructions will be explained step-by-step.


    Topic 4: Trouble shooting with fixed and removable restorations


    Complications and failures in implant dentistry can often be traced back to non-compliance with the specified prosthodontic limitations. The reasons can be simple, complex and due to a multitude of factors.


    In this lecture, numerous exciting and demanding patient cases will be presented. We will analyse the causes of failure, discuss new treatment plans and demonstrate different options of dealing with complex cases using clinical pictures.

    The lecture will evolve around innovative dental technology and labside solutions that are key for the individual treatment management of complex cases.



    Pat Mehta
    Phone: 0397959599