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    The 1x1 of All-Ceramic Restorations

    Date and Location
    24 Jul 2019
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM  
    ICDE Brisbane
    Unit 3, 53 Southgate Avenue, Cannon Hill
    Brisbane, QLD 4170

    AUD  895.00 +GST
    6.5 hours CPD
    Prices exclude GST

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    During the past few years, the importance of esthetic restorations in dentistry has risen sharply. This has led to an increased demand for all-ceramic restorations. Thanks to the use of modern materials, such as lithium disilicate ceramics and zirconium dioxide, new esthetic treatment options are now being offered in the production of true-to-nature restorations.


    In this workshop, tooth 26 will be prepared for both an all-ceramic partial crown restoration and an occlusal veneer; tooth 21 will be prepared for a veneer and for an all-ceramic crown. Each course participant will manufacture the temporary restorations and finally cement them using the adhesive technique.


    The focus of this workshop is the controlled anatomical reduction of tooth structure, the importance and perfection of the provisional restorations as well as the appropriate adhesive incorporation of all-ceramic restorations.


    Detailed step-by-step work instructions which form the basis for the successful implementation and integration of the presented restorative techniques into the daily practice routine will be discussed.


    Learning Objectives:

    ·         Clinical procedure for all-ceramic restorations

    ·         Preparation techniques

    ·         Fabrication of provisionals with silicone keys

    ·         Impression taking

    ·         Isolation of working area

    ·         Adhesive cementation technique

    ·         Tips and Tricks


    What to bring

    Participants are required to bring their loupes and headlights


    Pat Mehta
    Phone: 0397959599