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    Suction-Effective Mandibular Complete Denture and BPS

    Date and Location
    17 Sep 2019
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM  
    Stamford Plaza, Sydney Airport
    Corner O'Riordan and Robey Streets
    Sydney, NSW 2020

    AUD  435.00 +GST
    6 hours CPD
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    The programme for the day consists of four sessions as outlined below 


    Session 1: Suction Effective Mandibular Complete dentures Lecture, by Dr Jiro Abe

    The prosthetic management of an edentulous patient has long been a major challenge in dentistry, as majority of edentulous patients experience unsteadiness of their mandibular denture.

    In 1987 in order to overcome these problems, Dr. Abe started researching the suction mechanism of the mandible. Following his research, he established a successful method to fabricate a Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture (SEMCD) in 1999. An over view to this technique would be provided in this session.


    Session 2: The link between BPS and SEMCD Lecture, by Arnie Jabour


    During this lecture, you will follow the BPS/SEMCD system protocols to produce complete dentures. The lecture will cover the laboratory steps required to compliment the SEMCD clinical procedures to ensure an excellent clinical outcome.

    All BPS procedures required for successful outcomes of SEMCD technique, including mounting of the primary models, centric tray registration, custom tray design, & Gnathometer set-up will be covered in this session.


    Session 3: Overcoming Difficulties in Achieving Denture Suction in a Complex Bimaxillary Case Lecture, by Dr Jiro Abe


    In this lecture, various clinical techniques based on intra-oral examination by presenting complex cases where denture stability is difficult to achieve even in the maxilla will be introduced. These include cases with flabby ridges in the anterior maxilla; anterior open-bite cases edentulous in both jaws with marked mandibular ridge resorption, which makes impression-taking very difficult; and cases with existing dentures requiring significant changes in occlusal vertical dimension and horizontal mandibular position for successful treatment.


    Session 4: Denture Fabrication combining BPS/SEMCD and Digital Lecture by Arnie Jabour


    All Dentures are reliant on need for accuracy in the impressions and bite registration processes. This lecture will outline methods to transition into Digital Dentures, using the successful BPS/SEMCD clinical techniques, which underpin the predictable outcomes of Digital Dentures.


    At the conclusion of the presentation, participants will be able to:

    Understand what a SEMCD is

    Determine patients who have qualifications for a SEMCD.

    Understand the importance of the primary impression using a Frame cut Back tray® (FCB Tray) for the mandible and an Accu-dent tray® for the maxilla.

    Understand the final impression process of a SEMCD, using PVS impression material with specially designed custom trays.

    Learn laboratory procedures to construct a successful BPS / SEMCD dentures

    Learn the strategy to solve problems in cases with unstable mandibular jaw position

    Differences between conventional and suction-effective impression techniques

    Impression techniques for patients with flabby maxillary ridges, and inflammation control in flabby ridges for long-term success

    Lingual border molding technique for patients with the genial tubercle and severely retracted tongue position

    Impression technique designed to strengthen lip support for patients with shallow labial vestibules


    Understand the importance of the BPS/ SEMCD clinical workflows in the transition into Digital Dentures


    Pat Mehta
    Phone: 0397959599