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    Dental Photography: Key for successful anterior restorations

    Date and Location
    12 Nov 2019
    08:30 AM - 05:00 AM  
    ICDE Sydney
    25 Cleg Street, Artarmon
    Sydney, NSW 2064

    AUD  900.00 +GST
    7 hours CPD
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    Modern digital cameras are able to capture great detail; however, it is essential to learn how to use them correctly in the dental office for them to be of maximum value. In this lecture, you will learn a coordinated approach to capture the best possible photographs with your camera and flashes for documentation and shade communication.

    Szabi will help you learn how to choose camera gear, and use it optimally for dental photography. He will point out common mistakes which occur, and teach how to avoid them.


    Learning Objectives

    ·         Camera basics and differences between cropped and full-frame formats

    ·         Which gear is the best for your needs

    ·         Calibration of your digital tools

    ·         Use the different type of illuminations: point, diffused, reflected and polarised

    ·         Shade analysis through photographs for ceramic or composite layering

    ·         Documentation, communication with photographs

    ·         Intra-oral, object and portrait photography


    This course is suitable for beginners or those experienced with photography, as it will provide tips & training to take your skills to the next level.


    Recommend gear and tool list:

    ·         Ideally a DSLR or Mirrorless camera with proper macro lens, otherwise a camera smartphone

    ·         Twin or Ring flash – a recommended reliable flash is the Metz 26-AF2 or AF1

    ·         Flash bracket for twin flash setup – e.g. Agno's Scorpion bracket.

    ·         Cross polarisation filter for twin flashes setup, such as a PolarFrame

    ·         Laptop with PowerPoint or Keynote and/or photo editing software. On Windows you can install Aquarelle Picker

    ·         Ivoclar A-D shade guide

    ·         Shofu Gumy order number: 7040. Important – the new one is too small

    ·         Black contraster

    ·         Cheek retractors, lip retractor for occlusal photos

    ·         Dental Photo mirrors

    ·         Implant replicas, crowns, veneers etc. for object photography

    ·         Mini soft boxes or Szabi's Object Photography

    ·         Stone models for object photography


    Pat Mehta
    Phone: 0397959599