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    IPS Natural Die Material 8g

    Product Number: #B601386
    ND1 597080
    ND2 597081
    ND3 597082
    ND4 597083
    ND5 597084
    ND6 597085
    ND7 597086
    ND8 597087
    ND9 597088

    IPS Natural Die Material 8g

    The light-curing IPS Natural Die Material simulates the shade of the prepared tooth and thus represents the optimum basis for natural shade reproduction of the given oral situation when fabricating all ceramic restorations. IPS Natural Die Material is available in 9 shades. The assortment contains all the shade variations necessary for the fabrication of lifelike all ceramic restorations:

    • 1 shade to imitate bleached preparations (ND 1)
    • 1 shade to imitate secondary dentine that demonstrates an intensive shade (ND 6)
    • 1 shade to imitate severely discoloured / devitalised preparations (ND 9)

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