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    FKG ISO10 Assortment / 6

    Product Number: #740212

    FKG ISO10 Assortment / 6

    Designed for calcified or narrow canals

    Three instruments make up the Race ISO 10 range, all with a size of ISO 10 and with .02, .04 and .06 taper. They are intended for reaching the WL when hand ISO 6 or 8 K-Files can no longer advance in calcified or very narrow canals. Canal preparation will be completed using the instruments presented in the "Canal shaping and cleaning" chapter.
    • Contains 3 instruments: ISO 10/.02,10/.04 and 10/.06, 25mm (2 pcs of each)
    • Optimal speed: 800 rpm (minimum 600 rpm)
    • Torque: 1.5 Ncm

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