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    IPS Empress Direct Color / Opaque Assortment

    Product Number: #637898AN

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    IPS Empress Direct Color / Opaque Assortment

    IPS Empress Color

    For true-to-nature characterisation.


    • Individual characterisation of direct and lab-fabricated composite restorations
    • Masking of discoloured tooth structure
    • Characterisation of CAD/CAM veneers fabricated chairside


    • True-to-nature characterisation of high-end composite and CAD/CAM-fabricated restorations
    • User-friendly direct application without dilution
    • High masking capability even when applied in thin layers
    • Smooth consistency
    • 0.4mm tips for precise application
    • The ideal complement to IPS Empress® Direct and IPS Empress CAD

    IPS Empress Opaque

    A light-curing opaquing material suitable for masking exposed metal surface and discoloured tooth structure.


    • Masking of exposed metal surfaces when repairing damaged ceramic or composite veneers intraorally – discoloured tooth structure


    • High masking capability even when applied in thin layers
    • Universal opaque shade, no shade matching required

    Kit contains one each of:

    • IPS Empress Direct Color White
    • IPS Empress Direct Color Honey Yellow
    • IPS Empress Direct Color Ochre
    • IPS Empress Direct Color Brown
    • IPS Empress Direct Color Violet
    • IPS Empress Direct Color Blue
    • IPS Empress Direct Color Grey
    • IPS Empress Direct Opaque

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