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    Viteo Base Ti AT-OS

    Product Number: #B502158
    3.5/4.0 MD 689578
    38476 MD 689579

    Viteo Base Ti AT-OS

    Viteo Base is the titanium bonding base suitable for the fabrication of implant-supported single-tooth restorations. 

    The special soft edge design of the bonding surface, including a special geometry and recessed rotation protection, is ideally suited for CAD and press-ceramic materials and therefore supports long-term clinical success. 

    The recessed rotation protection is located vertically throughout the entire height of the shaft. As a consequence, the minimum thickness of the restoration material can be maintained with ease. Viteo Base is coordinated with the most commonly used implant sytems.

    Increased bond strength
    The preconditioned (sandblasted) bonding surface allows you to save one working step. This means you can immediatelly start with the cementation procedure.

    Higher bond strength even without sandblasting
    The industrially preconditioned shaft surface ensures a reliable bond. Since the fragile areas of the titanium bonding base, such as the cervical area and the emergence profile, remain undamaged during industrial processing, the necessity for post-polishing is eliminated and the implant connection stays uncompromised.

    Longevity vs fracture risk
    The fracture risk of restorations can be minimized through a soft design of the titanium bonding base: The soft edge design ideally supports the restorative material and thus increases the longevity ofrestorations. The titanium bonding base is especially designed for press and CAD/CAM ceramics.

    Easy adjustment 
    Viteo Base can be shortened from 6 to 4mm and thus provides maximum flexibility. This also means that your inventory of titanium bonding bases becomes more manageable 

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