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    IPS Classic Build-Up Liquid 60ml

    Product Number: #B601271
    L - Long-term 529398
    S - Spatula Technique 529399

    IPS Classic Build-Up Liquid 60ml

    Build-Up Liquid “L”

    Developed for technicians who require a longer working time, as well as for markets in warmer regions. The liquid contains an additive that raises the boiling point and ensures slower evaporation of the liquid. This results in a prolonged working time while the excellent build-up properties remain unchanged.

    Build-Up Liquid “S”

    This liquid is particularly suitable for technicians who frequently use a suction device, condense the materials and subsequently reduce the build-up using an instrument. The build-up liquid is easily sucked off the contoured crown. In this way, a relatively solid mass is achieved that can be individually shaped using an instrument.

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