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    IPS Style Ceram Add-On Refill 20g

    Product Number: #B601166
    690°C 673329
    Incisal 674603
    Dentin 673328
    Margin 673327
    BL 673338

    IPS Style Ceram Add-On Refill 20g

    The patented metal-ceramic material, IPS Style offers dental labs maximum efficiency, easy handling and life-like aesthetics. This is the first material in the history of dental ceramics to contain oxyapatite crystals. These crystals reflect a high amount of incident lighting and provide restorations with a natural-looking depth.

    The IPS Style® Ceram Add-On materials are used for the adjustment of, e.g. contact points, pontic rests or the accuracy of fit of shoulders. Five add-on materials are available: IPS Style Ceram Add-On Margin, Dentin, Incisal and Bleach are used in conjunction with the Glaze firing and Add-On 690°C after the Glaze firing.

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