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    IPS Style Ceram Powder Opaquer 870 80g

    Product Number: #B601151
    BL1 / BL2 673165
    BL3 / BL4 673166
    A1 673167
    A2 673168
    A3 673169
    A3.5 673170
    A4 673171
    B1 673172
    B2 673173
    B3 673174
    B4 673175
    C1 673176
    C2 673177
    C3 673178
    C4 673179
    D2 673180
    D3 673181
    D4 673182
    Pink 673183

    IPS Style Ceram Powder Opaquer 870 80g

    The patented metal-ceramic material, IPS Style offers dental labs maximum efficiency, easy handling and lifelike aesthetics. This is the first material in the history of dental ceramics to contain oxyapatite crystals. These crystals reflect a high amount of incident lighting and provide restorations with a natural-looking depth.

    IPS Style® Ceram Powder Opaquer 870 is an opaque ceramic material to mask the metal framework and create the basic shade.

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