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    ProArt Sculpturing Wax 45g

    Product Number: #B601391
    Cervical Wax Red NA2260601
    Margin Wax Bordeaux NA2260605
    Sculptering Wax Grey/Opaque NA2260631
    Empress Wax NA2260611
    Sculptering Wax Blue NA2260619
    Sculptering Wax Violet NA2260623
    Sculptering Wax Beige/Brown NA2260627
    Sculptering Wax Beige/Opaque NA2260629

    ProArt Sculpturing Wax 45g

    Ivoclar Vivadents Premium ProArt waxes are specifically formulated to provide technicians with better handling characteristics and higher opacity than the leading waxes. ProArt opaque waxes allow for better visualisation of detail and shape during the wax-up preparation and after its completion. With ProArt waxes, you have the ability to reproduce detail exactly for more precise contour, occlusion and anatomy.

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