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    Renfert GEO Crowax Cervical & Undercut Wax Red 80g

    Product Number: #708079

    Renfert GEO Crowax Cervical & Undercut Wax Red 80g

    The universal GEO Crowax cervical and undercut wax, is a tension-free, soft to medium hard special wax for the cervical margin, as well as for building-up cavitites and flooding. This cervical and undercut wax has organic constituents and burns-out residue-free. It is suitable for use in conventional crown and bridge techniques and also for full and press-ceramic techniques.

    • ƒƒEasy adaption due to soft and slightly elastic wax consistency
    • ƒƒUltra thin preparation margins due to very good carving qualities
    • ƒƒHigh precision and fitting accuracy due to low contraction

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