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    WhipMix FastFire 15 Powder

    Product Number: #B502368
    25 - 60g 707968
    150 - 60g 707970

    WhipMix FastFire 15 Powder

    FASTFIRE 15 is a fine grain phosphate investment which requires only a 15 minute benchset before placing moulds into a hot oven for rapid burnout

    • It produces accurate, smooth castings using either the ringless or metal ring technique
    • Optimum fit is achieved for all crown and bridge alloys through dilution of the freeze stable FASTFIRE LIQUID
    • Produces castings in less than one hour
    • Reliable performance using many casting techniques and alloys
    • Exceptionally smooth, accurate casting

    Physical Properties

    • Liquid*/Powder Ratio 22 mL/100g
    • Working Time 7–9 minutes
    • Setting Expansion 1.0%
    • Thermal Expansion 1.0%
    • Compressive Strength, Wet 500 psi (3.4 MPa) 

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