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    WhipMix Resin Rock

    Product Number: #B600303
    Violet 25kg 707757
    Peach 5kg 707919
    Grey 25kg 707921
    Blue 25kg 707922
    Ivory 25kg 707923
    Peach 25kg 707924
    White 25kg 701562
    Golden Brown 25kg 701561

    WhipMix Resin Rock

    ResinRock, a resin fortified die stone produces models of the highest quality.

    • The unique blend of synthetic resin and alpha gypsum results in improved surface smoothness and increased resistance to abrasion
    • Its low setting expansion and dimensional stability make it ideal for implant and complex restorative cases where precision and accuracy are required
    • Easy to work with – its creamy, thixotropic mix pours easily under vibration and stacks readily

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