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    Fluor Protector Gel 50g

    Product Number: #628436AN

    Fluor Protector Gel 50g

    Strengthens teeth with calcium plus phosphate plus fluoride. Fluor Protector Gel offers teeth intensive and at the same time gentle care.


    • Calcium + 1450ppm fluoride + phosphate protect the teeth from acid attacks
    • Xylitol inhibits the growth of cariogenic bacteria
    • D-panthenol is soothing to the gums


    • Special dental care to protect against caries, erosive wear and periodontal disease
    • Sensitive teeth
    • Exposed tooth necks
    • Patients with acidic diets
    • Patients with dry mouth
    • During orthodontic treatment
    • After professional tooth cleaning
    • During tooth whitening

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