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    Telio Desensitizer Refill 5g

    Product Number: #627911AN

    Telio Desensitizer Refill 5g

    Telio CS Desensitizer is suitable for the prevention and reduction of dentine hypersensitivity and post-operative pain.


    • Temporary restorations (e.g. with Telio CS Inlay, Telio CS Onlay, and Telio CS C&B )
    • Prior to cementation of indirect restorations
    • Direct restorations (e.g. amalgam, glass ionomer cement)


    • Easy application. Simply brush into dentin surfaces for 10 seconds; no light-curing required step
    • The use of Telio CS desensitizer will not affect the retention of temporary restoratives, cements or filling materials

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